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Scotch 'n' Soda 03/11/2000 (Hound Show 2&3) (30 photos) by Adam Pennington : Photo Sharing System : Folder : Display Folder
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Hunter being as evil as possible 698 Second game of cards? chess? bingo? Nathan, in his Tony Award winning role Had some problems dealing with the two very different light levels Jeff explains it all. 710 711 712 What the...? 715 716 Everyone turns away from Jeff Lisa appears to be giving Vince the evil eye... Hunter and Tim beating up on A demonstration of why I never use the flash on my digital camera. I ended up having to put it into simple mode, so that I could pass it off to someone. Unfortunatly, just like a regular camera, the automatic settings generally suck. Another bad picture due to exposure settings :-( I need to get a simpler camera so that I can actually hand it to someone without it taking a 15 minute lecture to get a really good photo out of it. Last chace at a cast/crew shot for this show, and it sucks too :-( I'm going to see how much I can recover in Photoshop after I fix the eyes and glasses. Getting the Source 4's ready for rehanging (strike) Maya refocusing lights in Rangos... I am acutally surprised this came out, considering the amount of spill from the lights... The focus isn't great, but it's still there at least. This was an experiment.. I had 7-8 525W lights shining straight into my camera lense, but I was still able to get a shot.... Not a good one, but a shot none the less :-) High speed action shot of Krista's
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