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Eat-n-Puke very early 8/25/2004.  Visible is: Moose, Blurry Jim, someone's back, Carmen, Muffin, someone'e head, Mouse, Sam.

Taken my AdamP on my dying camera. Eat-n-Puke very early 8-25-2004.  Visible: 1/3 of Derrick, Quack, Henty's hair, back of someone, Ash's overalls, blurry Saagar (?), Other, some heads, LFPJim, more heads, back of Eric's head.  Taken by AdamP on my stupid dying camera. Blurry group photo.  Taken at Eat-n-Puke very early 8-25-2004 by AdamP with my crappy dying camera. Less blurry photo of all tables at Eat-n-Puke very early 8-25-2004. Taken by AdamP on my crappy stupid dying camera. My
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