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Exiting the plane Two pairs of shoes, mine are hidden. My foot, my father's arm, and Trisha exiting the plane I am not in this photo. Two guys, a stabilization chute, and a sunsetty horizon. (I'm on the bottom) Wheeee! If that wasn't my dad with me, this would be quite romantic. I am enjoying it. I can't actually smile that big without the help of 110MPH winds. I can, however, give thumbs-up. Surprisingly, when you're going skydiving for the first time, there's not that much variation in pictures. My dad's having a good time, too. My mouth at this point is completely dried out. Same photograph, new angle. The guy taking the pictures is also in freefall. Waving at Trisha. She's the receptionist at the drop zone. Ever imagine what a glass-bottomed airplane would be like? OK, yeah, we do look a bit silly. Trisha gives me a thumbs-up. I will live another day. This one's for all of you who needed a butt shot to confirm that it really is me. Try to whistle while this is going on. I dare ya. Even though the stabilization chute looks silly, Trisha *does* look like she's plummetting to her doom. We deploy our actual parachute! Mark falls another 2,000 feet or so before deploying his own, just to get this one last shot.
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