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ABTech End of Year BBQ 2005 (15 photos) by Moose J. Finklestein : Photo Sharing System : Folder : Display Folder
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Hallie, Peter, Floyd, LFPJim.  Frisbee. Frisbee AdamP playing the frisbee position frisbee go over fence. again. Uh oh. Stuck in tree. Frisbee *really* stuck. Let's throw another frisbee up there to dislodge the first one!  Oh, wait.... After getting 2nd frisbee dislodged, Other tries using string & plumb bob to get first one down. Other got the bob [and string] through the hole, eventually pulling the frisbee down.

About an hour later, it got stuck again.  It was retrieved again, too. Peter got the mmm bbq roasted marshmallows mmmmm bbq marshmallows Making S'Mores ScrawnyMattt's S'More-on-a-Stick ScrawnyMattt's S'More-on-a-Stick
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